Photography is a serious hobby, not quite a passion as IT is – but close. My interest in photography started in 1998 when my uncle brought up his spare SLR camera (A Minolta X700) for my brother to use, as he was looking at buying an SLR. My brother bought the camera he was looking at and, subsequently, did not need the camera brought up by my uncle – so I decided to have a go with it.

From this camera I progressed to a Canon EOS 300 before making the switch to digital with the purchase of a 350D and finally, in 2015, upgrading to a pair of professional level EOS 5D Mark III’s.

While my main areas of interest are landscape & wildlife I have completed photo assignments for a youth club & youth project that I volunteer with in my local area, this includes photographing the activities of the 2 clubs & fundraising events, and have been hired by staff to photograph social events (weddings, party’s etc.).

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