Who I am

My name is Cliff, a dual national (Canada & Britain) who has a wide range of  interests including IT, photography and travel to name just 3.

I have always had plenty of energy (some would say too much!!), a thirst for adventure, a desire to experience new things and an interest in developing new skills and building on existing ones.

cliffEven though I have not had it easy, firstly from having an absolutely horrendous experience as an inmate of the education system in the UK [pupil just does not do justice to what I had to put up with – whoever 1st said that school was the best days of your life was either a) delusional or b) never went to school in the UK!]. After 10 years I left and spent 3 years trying to find the path I was meant to be on and a further 14 trying to get a job that allowed me to follow it.

14 years were I bounced from 1 dead end job to another with periods in between claiming benefits – another experience I would rather have not had!!

While these experiences have a lasting effect (I have previously been described as a “loner” and a “lone wolf”) I would describe myself as a flexible, reliable, helpful, friendly & adaptable person able to work in a team or on my own and who can handle anything life can throw at me.

Having finally received my break into my chosen career my plans for the future are to save as much as I can when I am on a contract and travel when I am not!